June 6, 2016

Using a Private Keyway System for your Business or Home

One Source Security and Automation offers a private or proprietary key ways which restrict who may copy additional keys for your business or home. Only an authorized employee or homeowner with a valid ID can have keys duplicated by an authorized locksmith. Your local hardware store cannot duplicate these keys. If an unauthorized employee or person tries to duplicate a key, they will be denied and the lock owner will be notified. The blank key is owned by the company or individual, creating the highest level of security using a traditional key.

This patented key control system makes it virtually impossible for someone to make a copy of your key without your permission. With the angled cuts on our keys, and slider combination, there are millions of combinations so you can rest assured your key and slider combination will not be duplicated. This low-cost solution can prevent thieves from entering your business.

A private keyway locking system can be used with a company’s master keyway system. Call One Source Security today to talk to one of our locksmiths about using a private keyway system, at 800-570-6478.


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