September 14, 2012

How Property Managers Benefit from Environmental Monitoring

Property managers obviously can’t be everywhere at once. Some firms manage hundreds of properties with scores of units at each property—so much could go wrong from a security standpoint.

Pictured above is a water sensor.

Having video surveillance and access control are very common needs of property managers. Being able to view and record illegal activity and potentially apprehend criminals on their properties is essential. And with access control, they are able to restrict the flow of unwanted people into the residences.

But an important aspect of security is often neglected—environmental monitoring. Most commonly, when environmental monitoring is mentioned, people think of carbon monoxide detection. It is important that it is on the forefront of people’s minds because it is a life saving precaution. In fact, property managers are generally very good about installing and maintaining these devices.

But it’s the other types of environmental monitoring that are often disregarded.

One of the most overlooked problems that can occur is boiler shutdown. There is a device that monitors this. Be ahead of the curve before your tenants are in the cold for too long—you will be notified immediately that the boiler needs to be tended to.

Of course pipes freezing is a major issue as well. The damage caused from water leaking uncontrollably due to broken pipes is devastating—several different tenants’ units can be affected by one pipe bursting. Know ahead of time that the pipes are below an acceptable temperature.

Water detection is key in places like basements, for example. With so many locations to manage, it’s impossible for property management companies to be able to monitor basements for moisture and potential flooding on their own. This is especially a concern here in New England with our rain-laden springs.

Water sensors placed in strategic locations pick up the smallest amount of moisture before it becomes a problem and trips an alarm that notifies you.

So when you consult with your security integrator, most commonly about things like your intercom system or cameras in the common areas, be sure to ask about how environmental monitoring can save your properties from damage and save lives for that matter.

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