April 8, 2019

Property Managers Security Challenges and Solutions

Property managers are responsible for a wide variety of buildings from commercial to residential facilities; including commercial office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, parking garages, and residential apartment buildings, dormitories, vacation homes, condos, gated communities and other properties.

Creating a security plan along with solid security solutions can help security staff or police respond to threats in the moment, and even anticipate potential situations. Multi-tenant buildings face unique challenges requiring property managers to be vigilant in developing security measures which addresses issues and safety hazards.


  1. Creating the right level of security for each property/tenant which meets their expectations. Not all properties are the same and one size does not fit all.
  2. Managing multiple facility locations with unique security challenges, depending on location and use of the space.
  3. Unreported security threats, property managers may not be made aware of security threats.
  4. Mixed use buildings with commercial businesses on the first floor and residential or office space above.
  5. Managing mechanical locks. Rekeying or replacing the locks can require time and money.

Solutions: From assessment to installing or enhancing your systems and monitoring:

1.Perform a risk assessment with a professional security company, to determine the level of security needed, by asking:

  • What are you protecting? Why are you protecting it? How will you protect it?

2.Create a security plan.

3.Install access control for a single or multiple tenants using one system with the ability to:

  • •Disable and enable credentials immediately. (Saves money by putting an end to expensive re-keying and lock changes of your entire facility.)
  • •Generate audit trail reports, a valuable tool for investigations.
  • •Create timed access to protected spaces.
  • •Provide tenants with one credential for gates, units and amenities.
  • •Lock or unlock doors remotely from a smart device or PC.
  • oTenants can become angry if they need to wait outside for an extended period of time, even if it’s their own fault. Doors can be opened remotely, creating a customer service benefit.

4.Install video surveillance in common areas, at entrances and around the property to:

  • •Deter threats, by just installing cameras intruders and thieves are less likely to strike.
  • • See an intruder slip in with or behind a tenant.
  • •Check up on any facility at any time with IP cameras managed by a NVR allows you to view your footage from anywhere in the world.
  • •Provide clear, high resolution images of footage, in the event of a crime.
  • •Reduce liability with a nonbiased picture of the property.
  • •Capture license plate images with cameras at the entrance and exit of parking lots and garages.

5.Install environmental monitoring to:

  • •Prevent pipes from freezing and causing expensive damage.
  • •Prevent boiler shut down.
  • •Stop floods before it’s too late.
  • •Save lives with carbon monoxide monitoring.

Once a risk assessment is complete and security plan is in place. Layering video surveillance, access control, environmental monitoring and other security solutions can protect people and property. Call One Source Security today for your free assessment at 800-570-6478.


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