March 15, 2017

What questions should you ask before installing an access control system?

When upgrading to access control there are many things to think about. Asking the right questions will help to design the system that is perfect for your business. A professional security integrator can help you answer all of your questions and provide a solution that is just right for your business. Below is a list of questions to ask before installing access control:

  • Why you are adding access control?
  • Is it becoming costly to replace lost keys or to rekey locks after an employee leaves?
  • Do you want to know who is on your premises at anytime?
  • Do you want to control when people can enter the building?
  • Should your access control include biometrics?
  • Do you have restricted areas within the building only authorized personnel are allowed to access?
  • Does the system have the capability to expand in the future?
  • Is your company expanding?
  • Should you use access control on the perimeter of the property?
  • Are you experiencing theft in outdoor storage areas?
  • Has there been vandalism on your property?
  • Should you have access control at each entrance of the building or on select doors within the building?
  • Are unauthorized people entering your building?
  • Should you use key fobs or cards?

Another important question to ask your security integrator is: Do you have a locksmith division? This allows integrators and locksmiths to come together and create an access control system that meets all of your needs. One stop shopping makes it more economical and easier to secure.
Before installing an access control system though, it makes sense to have a locksmith conduct an inspection of your doors inside and out. Knowing that your doors are in good operating condition is important.

A locksmith inspection should include inspecting all door hardware and locking mechanisms for deficiencies and operability. Inspecting all hinges, door closers, locking hardware, electric strikes, electric locks as well as check panic devices. Making sure lever sets, latches and hinges as well as cylinders do not sag, retract properly and are not sticky or rusty. A professional locksmith can check auto door operators for ADA compliance, too.

As always our locksmiths will conduct a FREE survey of all your doors, checking that the integrity and security of your doors are adequate and meet standard requirements to protect people and property.

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