December 18, 2015

Restaurant Security: How safe is your business?

In order to run a successful restaurant, owners need to address many different concerns. Probably their first concern is following government regulations, followed by finding and keeping competent employees, staying ahead of the completion, customer satisfaction, theft and liability, to name a few.

Using Video Surveillance

Food and safety regulations apply to every step of food and beverage preparation, when you own a business and rely on your employees to adhere the guidelines it is important to be able to follow up even if you have multiple sites.

Employee theft, another concern for employers, can include manipulation of cash sales transactions, misuse of coupons, gift certificates, and credit cards. It can also include giving free food to friends and family,

Video surveillance should be place in and around your building, include outside the drive thru window, parking lots, entrances, offices, food prep or kitchen areas.

Using visible monitors that can be viewed by customers can be a deterrent for crime as well. Post security signage near exits and entrances to inform potential thieves the business is monitored with video surveillance.

Using video surveillance can help keep everyone accountable. Be sure to have conversations with your employees about the use of video surveillance.

Alarm System

Robbery can be a problem for many restaurant owners and managers. Most spend time in the restaurant before and after closing. Using your alarm system when there are few people in the building especially fast food restaurants, which typically use cash, open early and stay late can keep everyone a little safer.

Using chimes with the security system will notify you when a back door is opening, and can alert the manager of a delivery or an employee leaving the building.

Access Control

Using access control can leave an audit trail while limiting access to critical areas such as offices where the safe is located. Access control will limit access based on the user, time of day and day of the week.

Replacing a lock and key system with access control can eliminate the problem of rekeying all locks when an employee leaves or loses their key. Have you thought about who has access to those keys the employee takes home with them?

Fire Alarm System

Install code compliant fire alarm systems for rapid response. Fire alarm systems need to be inspected on a regular basis, usually once a year, per code requirements. Maintaining a properly working system will optimize performance at the time of an emergency.

Environmental Monitoring

Critical equipment failure can cause a great financial loss to any restaurant owner. By monitoring coolers, freezers, and air conditioners, you can be notified of any failure before the problem becomes costly.

Have you thought about using your freezer or cooler as a safe room? Install locks that have the capability to lock and unlock from the inside. An alarm and communication device can be placed inside the freezer and cooler to be used in the event of an emergency.


Use UL safes to protect your cash and valuables. Our safes are highly secure and easy to use, only granting access to those who need it. Employee theft can be minimized using a UL safe.

Risk Assessment

When was the last time you had a thorough risk assessment? This is important as it provides an objective overview of the existing security system. An assessment can identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. - Pinpointing areas where you can reduce risk. The assessment should be completed by a security expert for each location that is being built, expanded or updated. If you haven’t had your system evaluated in the last 3 to 5 years you should consider having an expert conduct a thorough assessment.

Areas of concern should include entrances and exits, delivery locations, cash registers, food storage areas, food preparation areas, and ventilation system.

After your risk assessment you may find your security needs to be upgraded. Upgrading your security system, video surveillance, access control and environmental monitors can help increase the profitability by reducing loss.


Using your security system and video surveillance properly can bring some peace of mind. Using the appropriate security strategy can address food safety, food contamination (accidental and malicious), theft and liability.

From fast food to fine dining your security strategy should protect against losses and increase safety of employees and customers.

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