December 3, 2013

Security for Animal Hospitals and Shelters a Must.

File this one under “People never cease to amaze me”, and, “He didn’t seem like the type of guy to do that”.

If you’re the owner or administrator of an animal hospital or shelter, you need to protect your assets just as much as if they were electronics, jewelry or other traditionally sought-after goods by thieves.

And those assets are much more important to some people than the aforementioned material things. They comprise “man’s best friend”. Of course you also need to protect medication from being stolen, and equipment as well.

Keeping tabs on employees is another important function of a security system. Monitoring employees with video (both remotely and on-site), as well as making sure they close up the facility safely and on time with the help of your monitoring company, doesn’t have to have a negative connotation. It actually acts to protect them and provides a feeling of safety for them—and peace of mind for you.

Getting back to the latest craziness alluded to at the open of this blog…An elderly man in Methuen, MA actually stole a beagle recently in the middle of the day—he even brought his own leash. He and his wife teamed up to pull off the heist.

But, because the shelter had video surveillance in place, the footage was released to local news outlets and ultimately the man returned the dog.

Sadly, this is the second beagle, and third dog overall, to be stolen from a facility this year in Massachusetts.
Only having a monitored alarm system may not be enough.

Sure, it will alert the central station if someone tries to break in, but you can do so much more with your security system for animal hospitals and shelters.

How about open and close reports to ensure that your employees have opened and closed safely and on time? Even better, utilize supervised reports where a central station operator will call you if the facility is opened late, not closed and armed at night, etc. You will also be alerted if an employee enters in the middle of the night and disarms the system.

Remote video monitoring, as part of your overall video surveillance solution, is a convenient and effective security measure.

Use your mobile device from anywhere there is an internet connection to feel as if you’re at your facility constantly. Even receive email alerts if there is any motion inside your property during times when there shouldn’t be anyone present.

Access Control can ensure that only the properly authorized and credentialed employees and vendors enter sensitive areas.

You will receive reports of who went where and when. You can also create time zones that only allow entry to certain areas at certain times. And as a bonus, the expense of re-keying or changing locks won’t be an issue because there are no keys to lose.

So you can use a combination of several security measures to create a safe environment at your animal hospital or shelter. You know better than anyone that those animals are more precious than any material item such as jewelry, and now they can be protected, along with your employees


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