June 29, 2017

Should your company be using smart cards?

The short answer would be yes. With the use of smart cards comes an added layer of protection. Have you ever wondered if someone could steal your access or your employee’s access to a building? You may think yes if I lost my access card, but what if you are standing in a crowd or in an elevator, would you be able to tell if someone was electronically pick pocketing you (also called crowd hacking)? Some electronic pick pocketing equipment can be used up to 30 feet away hidden in a normal computer case or messenger bag.

Smart cards have Mifare which is a technology that enables the card to have encrypted two-way communication between a card and a reader. Encryption needs to be authenticated on both ends. Some benefits include, increased data storage capacity, and reliability as each card has a unique serial number. The information on the card can be PIN coded and /or read-write protected and can be updated without issuing another card.

With the use of a standard RFID Proximity card, the information transmitted from the card is fixed via either a high or low frequency antenna embedded within the card. When the card comes within the proximity of the readers radio waves, data is easily pulled from the card by the reader; the card has no problem releasing the information to the reader. There is no encryption to authenticate, which creates an easy target for hackers.

So how can you protect your business and employees? One way is to use a dual technology smart card, which contains an embedded computer chip or integrated circuit that stores and transacts data, as well as low and high frequency antennas inside the card. In order to hack the card the hacker would need to know that there are 3 different technologies within the card. Most often only one type of technology is stolen.

If you need to give employees 24 hour access to a building, require the use of a card and pin on external doors. This prevents cards that are copied or cloned by hackers from gaining unfettered access to a building.

Protect your ID card from dangerous data theft by using a shielded ID badge sleeve. This sleeve contains a thin piece of metal that prevents your card from being read without authorization. This is the perfect badge holder for protecting PIV, CAC, TWIC, FRAC and other 13.56 MHz smart credentials.

Smart card technology is conveniently available in a variety of form factors, including:

  • Plastic cards
  • Key fobs
  • Watches
  • GSM mobile phones
  • USB-based tokens.

Many industries are choosing to use dual technology smart cards, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Airports
  • Government and Correctional facilities
  • Commercial and High Tech facilities
  • Education
  • Banking & Financial

Smartcards outperform proximity cards in terms of reliability, convenience, security, speed of use, fraud risk management and lowering operating costs. Smart cards offer more storage and secure reading and writing of data because of a number of encryption algorithms and electronic keys.

By installing an access control system that uses duel technology smart cards instead of keys, you can greatly minimize the risks that come with unauthorized duplication, increasing security across your site. Call One Source Security today to set up a FREE assessment of your facility at 800-570-6478.


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