October 16, 2018

Control Security, Video and Automation from any Smart Device

Imagine the convenience of having total remote control of your home through your security system. Simplify and secure your life by staying in touch and in control from anywhere using the iBridge app on your smart phone/tablet or iBridge touchscreen.

What can iBridge do for you?

  • Control your security system, video cameras, thermostat, lighting, appliances and locks, all in one place, using the iBridge app or iBridge touchscreen as your universal remote control.
  • Forgot to turn the heat back before you got into bed? No problem, just grab your smart phone/tablet, and make your changes without even getting out of bed.
  • On your way to work and forgot to close the garage door? With the iBridge app you can close it remotely.
  • The kids arrived home from school and realized they forgot their house key. Unlock the door for them quickly and easily from anywhere.
  • By remotely turning on the heat or air conditions, arrive home to the perfect temperature.
  • Whether at home or away you will have the ability to arm/disarm your alarm, look in on your home, see who is at the door, set heating & cooling temperatures and much more, all with the touch of a button.

iBridge Connected Home Services is an easy and affordable way to take control of your home and add to the power of your security system.


Security - Using your smart phone/tablet or the iBridge touchscreen, remotely control your security system. Arm/disarm your alarm or send a silent alarm/panic alert to get help from authorities.

Video – You can check on the kids, pets and loved ones, when you are away from home. Great to look in on kids returning home, deliveries & alarm events as they happen.

Climate - You have total remote control of your thermostat; touch a button to change the temperature to the desired level or set and schedule heating & cooling temperatures. Homeowners can save on energy costs with manual or scheduled temperature settings.

Lights - Set the mood you want with the touch of your fingertips. Touch a button to turn a light on or off, or dim it to the desired level. Create lighting schedules for morning, afternoon, evening and nighttime.

Locks - Once programmed you can remotely lock and unlock the doors from any location using the iBridge app/tablet or the iBridge touchscreen through z-wave devices.

Notifications - Get Live Video Alert “Message/Notifications” on the events you choose and see pre- and post-video clips of the events/alarms as they unfold. See what’s happening at your front door. Receive emails, texts and video notifications if your security system is unexpectedly turned off or set off.

Feel safe and secure whether you are home or away by making iBridge Connected Home Services part of your security system. iBridge Connected Home Services is an easy and affordable way to take control of your home and add to the power of your security system. Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478, to set up your connected home.


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