July 9, 2018

How can fans and concert goers be protected in a stadium using video surveillance with analytics and artificial intelligence?

Athletic events and concerts held in stadiums, around the world in recent years, have been targets of horrible violence. Stadiums are prime targets due to the high volume of people in a condensed area.

Creating a layered security approach helps detect and deter suspicious behaviors and events both within and outside the stadium walls. Developing a strong security posture, with vigilant stadium security can help identify threats and vulnerabilities. This layered approach should include building a strong security and emergency response team, developing protocols in the event of an emergency, creating access controls and installing a state-of-the-art intelligent video surveillance system.

Here are some points to consider:

If your security command center is located onsite, move it to an offsite location. The command and communications center will be the first area taken out by an attacker.

Control external access by creating no-vehicle zones and limited parking close to the stadium. Stadium access points and entrances with visible security such as bag checks and uniformed personnel can make a difference in deterring violent acts, just by their presence.

Create levels of access throughout the stadium for employees; install biometrics for players, staff and owners allowing them to enter a restricted area without having to carry a physical credential.

Effectively monitoring large crowds across an entire stadium can be done with a state-of-the-art video surveillance system. High definition cameras with sophisticated artificial intelligence driven video management software are designed to help operators efficiently identity and respond quickly to potential security events.

Stadiums and large venues have benefited from using cameras with higher resolution that provide both broad coverage and excellent image detail, allowing security personnel to monitor a large crowd using fewer cameras.

The Avigilon Control Center software is an easy to use high definition system allowing operators to quickly search, identify, mark and capture details of a person, object or vehicle of interest. Security personnel can monitor and analyze footage in real time, providing front-line security employees with information they need to enhance screening and crowd management. Zoom in on an activity within large crowds and provide detailed video information. Watch the Avigilon Sample Footage – Stadium here.

Large amounts of video are never analyzed, not for lack of interest but rather the decline in human attention spans. Advanced video analytics technology is designed to help improve response time. When security personnel highlight a person, object or vehicle using this technology, hours of footage can easily be sorted through across all cameras on a site saving time and effort during critical investigations. A person or vehicle’s route can be traced from beginning to last known location.

Unusual motion detection technology brings a new level of automation to surveillance by learning and remembering what a typical activity/scene looks like. This is designed to bring attention to atypical events needing further investigation. This technology is designed to detect things like a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction or a crowd being suddenly disrupted, when this occurs an alert is sent to the security staff.

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