June 14, 2016

Using Video Surveillance to Deter Employee Theft

Employee theft takes many forms seen as larceny, skimming and fraudulent disbursements. It is estimated that up to 80% of total shrinkage is from internal fraud, the other 20% is related to vendor shrinkage and shoplifting, at a cost to US retailers of up to $30 billion in net loss each year. There isn’t a clear cut way to identify who will or will not steal; most often it’s a crime of opportunity.

At the point-of-sale (POS) or cash register employees can pilfer cash, bag merchandise without charging a customer, mark-down merchandise without authorization, create a false refund recipe (taking the cash), as well as offer employee discounts to friends and family.

The most effective solution is to install video surveillance with a digital video recorder (DVR) above the registers. Using a high definition video surveillance system with high-resolution video imaging will give clear video of events in question. Having fast access to live or recorded video and immediate playback features, allows for quick delivery of video clips to law enforcement when needed. Once the system is installed and the employees are shown the systems capabilities, owners may see an increase in sales and decrease in losses.

Expanding video surveillance throughout the store can prevent employees from helping shoplifters. Include placing cameras over trash bins, too. An employee may throw something in the trash only to come back after closing to retrieve it from the dumpster. Cameras should also, be placed in storage rooms and loading areas, to keep a watchful eye on merchandise.

Pilfering or stealing may stop once the dishonest employee realized their actives can be captured on video surveillance and clearly recorded. A business owner may see some employees leave if they are unable to steal anymore.

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